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If you currently use financial software such as Microsoft Money, Peach Tree, or Sage Accounting, then you already know that in order to import your data, you have to convert your CSV or Excel file into OFX format. The same thing is required for websites such as as well. Unless you already know how to convert CSV files into OFX format, you may have quite a bit of trouble when it comes time to do so. Fortunately for you, there is a simple software solution that will allow you to convert your excel or CSV files into OFX format with just the click of a button, and it is called CSV2OFX.

What is CSV2OFX?

CSV2OFX is a simple software solution that you can download and install on your computer. It was created by a company named ProperSoft. ProperSoft has created 22 different types of file conversion software as well as software that provide a simple budgeting solution.

With the CSV to OFX software, you don’t have to upload or download anything when it comes to using the software and you also don’t have to worry about logging into any additional websites to convert your file. These can turn into additional steps that end up taking up more of your time and that’s only if the website happens to be working that day. When using these types of websites, you are also transferring your data across the internet which could potentially become a threat to your financial security as well.

When you use the CSV to OFX software, you simply open the software and choose the file that you would like to convert and click the save button. Your file will then be immediately converted into OFX format. The software is currently only available for Windows systems including Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7.

How Does CSV to OFX Work?

As I stated earlier, the CSV to OFX software is very easy to use. Unlike other file conversion software that is currently available, once installed, this software does not have to be altered and does not need to have any other plugins installed for it to operate.  Everything that you need to convert your file into OFX file format is already built into the software.

Once you open the software, it will ask you to point to the file that you want to convert. Once you select the file, a review box will open and ask you to verify that you have selected the correct file. At that point, you simply click the save button and your file will be converted

What Type of Files Can CSV to OFX Convert?

The CSV to OFX software can convert CSV files, XLS, files or any other type of spreadsheet software that you use. To do this, you just simply open the spreadsheet software, copy the data in the spreadsheet onto your clipboard, and then click on the paste from clipboard button in CSV to OFX. All of your date will then be stored in the software and ready for conversion.

The software also allows you to view your original CSV files and you can even combine multiple bank statement files into one single OFX file. You then only have to load it one time and all of your data from both spreadsheets will be combined into one OFX file. You can also combine different types of statements together such as combining a credit card statement with a bank statement.

There are several other functions that you can perform with the CSV to OFX software including manually remapping transaction data elements as well as access mapping profile in a single click. If you have experience using command line instructions, you can also setup an automatic conversion command that takes care of the process for you.

Try Before You Buy

Unlike other CSV to OFX software solutions, you can download a trial version of this software to really see how it works. The trial version will fully parse your file so that you can see how it works. It does have a 3 transaction limitation on it, but the main purpose of the trial version is just to give you a quick example of how the software works.

What Type of Support Will You Receive With the Software?

When you purchase the CSV to OFX software, you will be able to receive 30 days of premium email support with your order. There is also a separate support page available which will allow you to receive unlimited additional support.

Overall Benefits of Using the CSV to OFX Software

There are many benefits to using the CSV to OFX software including:

Fast Solution– As stated earlier, you can just open the CSV to OFX software, choose your file, and convert it. If you choose to use a website to convert your file, you have to login to the site which means that you have to keep track if a username and password. You then have to upload your file for conversion and then download the file when done. All of this can only be accomplished only if the website happens to be functional that day. And as stated earlier, once you upload your file to these websites, you are transmitting your financial information across the internet. Many file conversion websites do not have the proper security protocol in place to protect your financial information.

There are also other software solution that you can use, but those solutions are generally require the installation of additional software or they are very complicated and require you to read a very confusing owner’s manual to completely understand, or they are just to basic to allow you to convert multiple files.

The CSV to OFX software is a simple install and click software. You can literally start the software, load your file, and convert it in less than 30 seconds.

The CSV to OFX software is also the most versatile OFX software solution available because it allows you to combine multiple files into one OFX file.

How to Get the CSV to OFX Converter Software

You can get immediate access a trial or full functional copy of the CSV to OFX software by simply clicking on this link.

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