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Do you have transactions Excel or CSV format? If you need to convert your Excel files into a QuickBooks format, you can use the CSV to QBO (CSV2QBO) Converter. This makes it easy to convert your files in Excel and get them ready to use in QuickBooks without hassles.

Why use the CSV to QBO Converter

This converter can save you time, and it can get your bank statements, credit card transactions, and other financial data into QuickBooks QBO format quickly. The converter is easy to use, and you won’t have to learn anything complicated to use the converter. You can download the converter in seconds, and it installs with ease. You won’t need to alter any software, and there are no plug-ins needed to run the program. It converts the CSV file to the QBO file so you can access it whenever you need it in QuickBooks. You can combine your financial data into one file at once, so you don’t repeat the process each time you need to convert, you just load one QBO file at once.

What the Converter Can Do

With this converter, you can convert a bank statement and your credit card statement to a QuickBooks format from your Excel file. You can review all your transactions before you convey it. You open the Excel file and then copy the cells to the clipboard and then you can paste from the clipboard into the Excel to QuickBooks converter, so you have your date ready for use in QuickBooks once the conversion is done. You can move your data from Quicken Essentials for Mac and export your data as a CSV file. You can view your bank files in the program. You can manually remap transaction data elements and access mapping profiles in one click. Combine your multiple bank statement files into a QBO file and load it once.

Is CSV to QBO a Good Program to Use?

The program runs on your desktop, and you don’t have to upload anything, or do any download. There’s no Internet interaction or website logins to hassle with or e-mail confirmation needed to use the program. All you need is your computer, your Excel file and the Excel to QuickBooks converter.

Try Before You Buy

You can download the program and try it out before you buy it. You can do this so you can determine that the program is reading your Excel files properly. You’ll have full use during the trial mode so you can determine how the program works and if it’s right for you and your needs. You can create a fully functional and loadable GBO file before you buy the program. Once you buy the limit of three transactions will be lifted, and you’ll be free to use the program for any number of transactions you want. There are 30-days of premium e-mail support that you’ll get when you order the program, and more is also available for you. There’s a sample CSV file with the program so you can try it out for yourself. CSV2QBO can parse your CSV file much easier with expected column names. 

Great Converter for Excel Files

If you need a good converter to get your Excel files into QuickBooks, then this converter will work for you. There’s an option to try the program before you buy it and see if it works for you. It’s well worth it to try the program out as it has a lot of good features you can use for your financial data. Learn more about the Propersoft CSV2QBO converter.

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