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Quicken 2017 (deluxe, premier, home and business) imports the following formats:

  • “regular” QIF for cash accounts
  • “correct” QIF for all accounts including checking, savings and credit card. Quicken tells it is not possible, but it does import anyway as long as QIF if prepared correctly. Use CSV2QIF or Bank2QIF to create “correct” QIF files
  • QFX (Web connect), extended OFX format with Quicken attributes to import under all accounts. If your QFX file is not importing under specific account, edit that account, click “Online services” and delete online services link there before importing. Use OFX2QFX to convert your OFX files to QFX format
  • QXF – new Quicken format used to move data between Quicken applications. I may be wrong, but last time I checked banks do not offer QXF downloads or third party software creates QXF files.

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