Easy way to convert an OFX file to Excel or CSV format

Many years ago, Microsoft and Intuit developed a file format that allowed financial institutes to exchange financial information in one simple to use format that worked on several different software platforms. While this is good news to banks and lenders, this is usually quite the inconvenience for the average consumer. Most households don’t have the needed software to support the reading of an .OFX file. To make things easier for the consumer, there’s OFX to CSV (ofx file to excel converter), a quick and easy to use interface that converts OFX to an Excel compatible file in no time flat.

Before OFX2CSV was created, users had no actual way of reading information that was rightfully theirs. Generally, OFX files are used to exchange information such as your credit card statements and bank statements between different financial institutions that you may be using. This could be between a mortgage lender and checking account, or between a credit card company and auto lender, just to name a couple of examples.

When an OFX file ends up in your hands, you usually don’t know what to do with it, which makes it useless to you. To convert OFX to CSV (Excel compatible), simply drag and drop your files into the interface and select where to save the outputted file. In seconds, you’ll have a file that you can simply open up in Excel or Google Spreadsheet that’s displayed in an easy to read layout, so you can always know what information financial institutions are sharing with others.

Additionally, you can review all of your changes before the file is converted to make sure it’s worth the little effort that’s actually required. To protect your valuable information, this program runs solely on your desktop. At no point after download are you required to be connected to the Internet or login to a web based interface like several other platforms out there. All you need is a computer that meets the minimum requirements, your file, and your copy of OFX2CSV. This is one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to convert OFX file to Excel as quickly as possible so you can get to work on your own financial documents.

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