How to export President's Choice Mastercard transactions

This tutorial shows how to download transactions from President's Choice Online Credit Card site in CSV format.

If you are looking for ways to get the transactions from the President's Choice Credit Card. You don't have many options anymore, because they changed their site, Quicken connection doesn't work anymore, Wave App connection doesn't work anymore, but they provide export in the CSV format. First, login into their site and then click on 'Transactions'.

How to export President's Choice Mastercard transactions Step 1: transactions

When you do any filters, you just click 'Export CSV'. It will exports all transactions from the latest date up to the earliest date, that they can provide. In my case, it was up to one year. So, you can download up to one year of transactions from their Website in CSV format. Once you have it in the CSV format, you can work with this file, you can convert it to another format, let's say to QBO format and import it into Quickbooks or you can convert to OFX format and import into Wave App, or if you have Quicken you can just export as a QFX format and import into Quicken directly as Web connect format. If you have, let's say Quicken 2016 or earlier, you can use a ProperSoft converter. To convert a CSV file to QIF format, use CSV2QIF converter or QFX2QIF, Bank2QIF to convert a QFX file to QIF format, use the Transactions app, which converts from more formats and converts to more formats and then import into Quicken.

How to export President's Choice Mastercard transactions Step 2: export csv

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