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Import an OFX file into Kashoo

Kashoo is Online accounting system

This tutorial shows how to import an OFX file into Kashoo. First, you need to login into Kashoo. Then click on 'Banking'.

IMPORTOFXKASHOO Step 1: Banking Kashoo

Select the Bank or Credit Card account.

IMPORTOFXKASHOO Step 2: select bank account Kashoo

Click the 'Browse' button.

IMPORTOFXKASHOO Step 3: browse Kashoo

And select an OFX file.

IMPORTOFXKASHOO Step 4: select an OFX file Kashoo

Then click 'Upload'.

IMPORTOFXKASHOO Step 5: upload Kashoo

Now transactions are imported. You have to categorize them, select Expense/Transfer or exclude. And then click 'Add Statement'. So, this way, you'll process them all.

IMPORTOFXKASHOO Step 6: add statement Kashoo

Select 'Add Expense'. Then choose 'Supplier' and 'Account' (what is the Expense Account). Continue for all transactions.

IMPORTOFXKASHOO Step 7: add expense Kashoo

If you realized, that it is incorrect statement, click on 'Remove Unmatched Rows'.

IMPORTOFXKASHOO Step 8: Remove Unmatched Rows Kashoo

And all those transactions will be gone.

IMPORTOFXKASHOO Step 9: deleted transactions Kashoo

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