How to map CSV amount columns

This video is about CSV mapping for Amounts. We will use the Bank2QBO converter for this example. IMPORTANT: Bank2QBO is now replaced with the Transactions app, which converts from more formats and converts to more formats.

There is another tutorial about all CSV Mapping details and you see it at If you have a specific question about just Amounts - this tutorial addresses just Amounts. If you load the CSV file, then the CSV file may have several layouts for the Amounts.

How to map CSV amount columns Step 1: main window

What is 'Layout'? Let's say, in this case, we have a simple layout, where the Amount is presented in a single column and the Deposits are positive, Withdrawals are negative.

How to map CSV amount columns Step 2: layout

So, that Amount sign plus the column itself, create completely out to work with, because you already have all details, you know which transactions are positive, or which transactions are Withdrawal, which transactions are Deposits, and you have one column. So, you would go to CSV Mapper (click 'Review Mapping').

How to map CSV amount columns Step 3: Review Mapping

And then you would just say - this is my Amount column, I don't use Deposits and I don't use Withdrawals.

How to map CSV amount columns Step 4: CSV Mapper Amount

Then, let's say, you have different layouts, you have Debit and Credit columns and they are both positive, or the Debit column is all negative, and the Credit column is positive, or you have Debit/Credit column and they also may have different Amount signs. This is all working, but you have to specify Deposit and Withdrawal columns, you have to say - Amount 'Do not use' and the Deposit specifies Deposit column, and Withdrawal specifies Withdrawal column here.

How to map CSV amount columns Step 5: CSV Mapper Withdrawal

And, the last case, for the Amount layout kind - is when you have one Amount column, but all numbers are positive, and then you have another Type column, which has words like Debit/Credit, DR/CR, and other variants.

How to map CSV amount columns Step 6: Type Column

Then you would say here - Debit/Credit column - this is my column, that provides the transaction Type.

How to map CSV amount columns Step 7: CSV Mapper Type

And this is my Amount column. Then the converter will use this information to figure out, which one is Withdrawal, which one is Deposit.

How to map CSV amount columns Step 8: CSV Mapper Amount, Type

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