Open a transactions file in Excel

Transaction files in QBO, QFX, OFX, QIF, MT940/SAT format are great for processing, but not so great for review like CSV or Excel files. Use the ProperConvert app to open, review such files and convert them to a conventional table format like CSV or Excel.

Supported Account types


QBO/QFX/OFX files are offered in online banking to download transaction details. OFX files provide the date, amount, payee/payer, memo, check number, investment details for investment transactions. OFX files are also called "Microsoft Money" files.

Quicken Interchange Format (QIF)

QIF files are Quicken Interchange Format files containing details about transactions:

MT940/SAT Format

These files are provided by many banks to download transactions for your accounts. Files are not readable when are opened in Notepad or directly in Excel.

How to open, review and convert transaction files

Example how to convert a QFX file to CSV with QFX2CSV app

Here is a short video (1 min) showing the whole process of converting a QFX file to CSV format with QFX2CSV (replaced by the ProperConvert app):

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