PDF to QuickBooks - Convert and Import Transactions

If you have a bank or credit card statement in PDF format, and need to import transactions to Quickbooks to avoid data entry, you can use ProperSoft tools to convert PDF files to various formats.

For text-based PDF files, you may copy each transaction element (date, amount, description, check number) and paste them into Excel. Then format the layout and paste batch entry if you have Quickbooks Accountant edition.

For image-based or scanned or protected PDF files, you will need to enter transactions manually in Excel.

Or you can use the ProperSoft app, extract transactions from PDF files or other formats like CSV and convert to QBO or IIF format ready to import to Quickbooks.

PDF statement

Step 1: Download the app and load a PDF file

Use the ProperConvert app to convert PDF files to QBO or IIF format and import into QuickBooks in three steps.

Download the app for Windows or macOS and launch on your computer. The app does all conversions on your computer without sending any details over the internet.

Select a PDF statements file for bank or credit card statement to extract transactions. Supported statements are bank (checking, savings, creditline) and credit card accounts.

The app extracts transactions details, skipping non-transactional parts of the PDF document. Transactions descriptions are cleaned and payee is extracted from the memo when it is possible. Check numbers are extracted as well available.

The app provides additional features like payee renamings on-fly during conversion, automatic category assignment based on payee names (required for IIF files).

ProperConvert PDF loaded

Step 2: Select the Output Format

Depending on your Quickbooks version, you may convert to QBO (web connect) or IIF format. For newer QuickBooks, start with the QBO format and for older Quickbooks, the IIF format should work.

For QBO files, set the account type and account ID and othere required details like currency or bank ID.

For IIF files, set the bank account name, account type, default category fro expenses and income.

Step 3: Import QBO or IIF file in Quickbooks

PDF Quickbooks import success

With the ProperSoft utility, the process of converting and importing PDF transactions in QuickBooks is simple and straightforward.

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