QBO Apps

The "QBO" term relates to .QBO (Web Connect) format and "Quickbooks Online".

QBO (Web Connect) format is a file format for transactions downloaded from online banking and imported by QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online.

QBO files can be created from other formats your bank provides if it does not provide QBO format.

CSV to QBO conversion

Use CSV2QBO app (CSV/Excel to QBO) Converter to convert CSV/Excel/TXT or paste from Excel to QBO the (Web Connect) format.

PDF to QBO conversion

PDF2QBO app – Convert PDF to QBO (Web Connect) format ready to import into QuickBooks (PC/Mac/Online). For QuickBooks PC or Mac, QuickBooks must be not older than three years.

PDF2CSV app – Convert PDF to CSV/Excel format and extract/liberate transactions from PDF to Excel. Then Use CSV2QBO (CSV/Excel to QBO converter) and import into QuickBooks.

OFX to QBO conversion

If your bank provides OFX format, use OFX2QBO app and make OFX file a QBO file.

CSV to IIF converter

If your QuickBooks is older than three years (2015 or earlier in 2018), you can import IIF files instead of QBO files. CSV2IIF app helps with such case to keep using QuickBooks without upgrade and still import transactions.

Free trials are available for all converters. You can try them all with your PDF file and see all parsed transactions inside the application before purchasing. Contact support if you need any help with the QBO apps.

Quickbooks Online apps

All QBO apps mentioned above can be used for Quickbooks online as well. QBO apps are regular desktop applications for Windows and Mac that create QBO files read for Quickbooks Desktop and Quickbooks Online.

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