How to import a QIF file into Banktivity for macOS

How to import a QIF file into Banktivity for macOS

Import created QIF file into Banktivity

When the QIF file is created, switch to Banktivity and import created QIF file. Before importing, make sure to backup your data. To import a QIF file, select 'File' - 'Import transactions'. Then click 'Import File' and select created QIF file.

Bank2QIF Mac Step 8: import transactions in Banktivity

Select a Quicken account to import.

Bank2QIF Mac Step 9: select account in Banktivity

Then click the 'Continue' button.

Bank2QIF Mac Step 10: import results in Banktivity

Pay attention that Account name must match what you have in Quicken. Because Quicken imports directly in that account without asking anything. And if you don't have the account specified on the QIF file, this account will be automatically created. Now your transactions are imported. You can categorize, review, delete them. They are already inside Quicken. Review transaction after import.

Bank2QIF Mac Step 11: data is imported in Banktivity

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